Heggen Lentz Engineering was originally established as Heggen Nelson Engineering by Ingrid Heggen and Kate Nelson in the fall of 2012.  Ingrid and Kate knew each other in 2006 while working as civil engineers in Nevada.  Kate and Ingrid parted ways in the fall of 2015, when Eric Lentz became co-owner and principal engineer of the company.

Both Ingrid and Kate specialized in working for rural communities.  They have expertise in all aspects of civil engineering including; planning, design, funding acquisition, project management, construction management and inspection for various public works projects.  In addition to working for the public sector, they have also developed the necessary skills to assist with private clients with their individual site development needs.


Over the past many years, Ingrid and Kate have worked in an enviroment of an economy fueled by a large construction boom.  With the slowdown in the economy, we have been tasked with assisting communities (that have over built infrastructure for the future development) with optimizing their systems to work properly with the reduced number of customers.  The reduction in customers has had an adverse effect to many utilities that were counting on large numbers of customers to pay for loans for infrastructure improvements.  This has been a struggle for many communities throughout Nevada.  With our expertise in development, we are hoping to assist communities throughout North Dakota to avoid some of the pitfalls of a "boom and bust" economy.


It is our mission to support the growth of communities in a responsible and sustainable manner by providing essential engineering expertise to maintain and protect the health and safety of the communities.

Tahoe City, California | eric@heggenlentz.com